How Advertising Plans Works!

Business Module of

Adsparkles is an advertising site that offers a variety of advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members. Our product and service are Ad Packs, Banner Ads, Text ads, login ads e.t.c. We offer Advertisers a big variety of Advertising solutions with the highest standards in the Industry. When you place your Ads on our network, it will be seen by thousands of individuals across the globe. To place your ads, you need to buy ad packs from us which also doubles as your earning medium with us on any plan you decide to buy into.


How Do We Generate Funds To Pay Our Members?

"Adsparkles is founded by professionals, for professionals with high end solutions that every beginner can use and understand right away"


Our company is designed to be self-sustainable. Hence, most of our funds are generated from within our system. We also generate income from external sources which varies depending on the exigencies of the time. This means sources of external inflows can change as we determine fit.

Customers are buying ad packs to advertise. Ad packs are an internal Unit to advertise Website or place ad campaign. Our members partakes in our Payback Pool automatically. The size of the Pool depends on the amount of ad packs we've sold recently.

As a member, if you recommend customers to us, we also pay you referrer commissions in our Affiliate Program on 2 Levels deep 10% & 2%.

Banner Advertising - Place your Banner into our Networks

Banner advertising is probably the oldest version of online advertising and still one of the most effective ones. Banner views and Banner clicks are available in different formats, sizes and design options. We place your Banners in our network's targeted websites with high interested visitors in the niche you want to target. This medium is one of the money spinner in the advertising industry and it is sure to generate massive income for us due to the effective nature of our advertising model.

Login Ads:
Login ads are ads which appears whenever member login into their account. This means that all members who login to their account on our platform must view our login ads. It is a high demand module for revenue share sites and on discounted rates so there are many members and advertisers who will buy it and we generate income from it.

Members Click Ads:
Since 10 banners clicks are required to earn on our platform, every member who will earn must click 10 of our advertisers banners daily. Those banners to be clicked are paid for by those who place them on our rotational ad clicks system. This is surely another medium of generating income for our company.

Text Ads:
Text ads is another effective medium of advertising. Text-based ads, although common in email, have been dominated on the Web by their graphical-based counterparts.
Affiliate marketing is one area where text ads have flourished. However, many mainstream advertisers are only beginning to discover the power of text. Google has caused a buzz with its text advertising options, generating a self-proclaimed "click-through rate 4-5 times higher than industry standard for banner ads." It can rake in
We are sure no industry player ever gave their members this much details which we have given so far. This is because we want no one t be left in the dark as to what we offer in this industry.

If there is no Sale so only capped Earnings will be paid either from minimum % to max in between Percentage will be paid for each plan.